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Taylor Metzing

Taylor Metzing
1-800-993-5761 ext. 6459

Hi there! My name is Taylor, and I am your new academic advisor at the Aurora University. Since we will be working together during your time with the University, I thought I would tell you a few things about myself.

I recently graduated from Marist College in collaboration with Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici with my Master of Arts in Museum Studies. I am incredibly passionate about art, cultural institutions, and the artifacts housed inside. I was given the opportunity to live abroad for a year during my studies and have discovered that I also have a severe case of wanderlust! I find that reading, cooking, and exploring help tremendously. Aiding others reach their goals also brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment, which is why I am so happy to be a part of the advising team.

Good luck on your journey at AU! I know that you will be successful and come out a focused, well-rounded graduate ready to begin your career. I am always here to help you, so feel free to ask me any question you may have. No matter how big or small it may feel, we will work together towards your goal of completing your degree.

Gina Nuzzo

1-800-993-5761 ext. 7499

Hello! My name is Gina Nuzzo and I am your new academic advisor at Aurora University. I am here to help you throughout your journey at AU, and I encourage you to contact me with any questions you have about your academic career with us. I will be here to support you in any way that I can.

I recently graduated from Spalding University with a Masters in School Counseling. Before that I obtained my Bachelors degree in Non-Profit Management at Murray State University, where I also played golf. In my free time I am a college golf coach, so I understand the daily stress of juggling school, sports, family, work and other hobbies.

One of the things I have learned about being a coach and an athlete is how much pressure we put on ourselves to reach our goals and to be perfect. I have a passion for helping students reach their goals and supporting them through the losses and the wins. I am excited to help you on your path to achieving your educational and personal success.

Ashley Hempel

Ashley Hempel
1-800-993-5761 ext. 7746

Hello! My name is Ashley Hempel and I am your academic advisor at Aurora University. I am here to help you throughout your journey to graduation. I can address any questions or concerns that you might have, just ask!

I went to the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. I received my bachelor’s degree in family science and a minor in psychology. This degree allowed me to delve deep into the “helping profession,” exploring different methods of helping and working with people. As a recent graduate, I understand the pressures and stresses that students go through so use me as a resource. I will be more than happy to help with any issues that may arise.

Outside of helping students, I enjoy reading, running, drinking coffee, and cooking new dishes. I also love anything outside, hiking, picnicking, and visiting parks. I am a very organized individual and enjoy completing tasks and goals so let me help you with yours. I look forward to working with you!

Kyle Campbell

Kyle Campbell
1-800-993-5761 ext. 7782

Hello! My name is Kyle Campbell and I am your Academic Advisor at Aurora University. I am here to assist you throughout your term here; answering any questions you may have about your program and Aurora University, as well as connect you with the resources necessary for your academic success.

I am from Louisville, KY, where I began my passion for helping others in pursuit of an education. I left Louisville to attend the University of Kentucky, where I received a Bachelors of Art in Art Studio. Throughout my undergraduate career, I spent my days working with students on a one-to-one basis ensuring both their academic and personal success at the university. I completed my Masters of Arts Administration through the University of Kentucky. Much like yourself, my program was completely online. Therefore, I am available to share first-hand knowledge and experiences with the online program world.

In my free time, I am an artist and a baker. From photography to cakes, I love to expand on my creative mindset and produce work that inspires others and brings joy. As your advisor, I plan to do just that! I am so excited to help you on this journey. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.