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Online Student Services

Course Textbooks & Materials

Online courses will utilize HCC’s book rental program to provide students with cost-effective and easily accessible course textbooks. Students will incur a per credit hour fee for course textbooks and materials. The book rental program is managed by the HCC Bookstore. Textbooks will be mailed to the student; the student is responsible for returning the rented textbook at the end of the course. Some courses required supplemental or consumable materials. The cost of these items will be added to the course as an additional fee. These materials will be distributed with rental textbooks.

Please follow this link to finalize your textbook order for your HCC Online courses. Textbooks will be shipped to your confirmed mailing address during checkout.

For more information, contact:
HCC Bookstore | bookstore@highlandcc.edu | 785.442.6009

Requesting Disability Accommodations

It is the intention of Highland Community College to work toward full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, to make instructional programs accessible to all people, and to provide reasonable accommodations according to the law.

Students should understand that it is their responsibility to self-identify their need(s) for accommodation and that they must provide current, comprehensive diagnosis of a specific disability or medical condition from a qualified professional in order to receive services. Documentation must include specific recommendations for accommodation(s). Documentation should be provided in a timely manner prior to or early in the semester so that the requested accommodation can be considered and, if warranted, arranged.

Self-identify your disability and accommodation needs by contacting the Disabilities Coordinator. Students must provide their own programs to allow accessibility on their home computer.  It is recommended that students self- identify their disability by completing an online form https://highlandcc.edu/pages/disabilities-self-identification.

Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct

Highland Community College seeks to assure all community members learn and work in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Title VII, Title IX, and College policy prohibit harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct. Highland Community College encourages anyone experiencing harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct to talk to report to the Vice President for Student Services, the Human Resources Director or complete an online report https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?HighlandCCKS&layout_id=1 about what happened so that they can get the support they need and Highland Community College can respond appropriately.

There are both confidential and non-confidential resources and reporting options available to you. Highland Community College is legally obligated to respond to reports of sexual misconduct, and therefore we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of a report, unless made to a confidential resource. Responses may vary from support services to formal investigations. Faculty members, are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct and thus cannot guarantee confidentiality. They must provide HCC’s Title IX coordinator with relevant details such as the names of those involved in the incident. For more information about policies and resources or reporting options, please visit the following website: https://highlandcc.edu/caffeine/uploads/files/Approved%20Equity%20Grievance%20Policy.pdf.

Library Access

The HCC Library is available to assist you with your research needs.  Visit https://highlandcc.edu/pages/library to view the services available. The Online Resource Center provides access to online academic databases which can provide full text articles to assist you in your writing and research coursework. To access these databases, utilize your MyHCC username and password. HCC can also assist you in accessing the Kansas Library Catalog in order to receive interlibrary loan materials from any participating library in Kansas.


If you need help selecting classes or checking your progress against your chosen degree plan, please email hcconlineadvisor@highlandcc.edu for advising assistance.

Schedule Changes

To ADD or DROP an online course -- Email your name, birthday, phone number, and the course and section to add or drop to hcconline@highlandcc.edu.  View the Important Dates for each session at http://online.highlandcc.edu for enrollment and drop periods.